I am a researcher at Kerala Technological University working in the area of Automatic Speech Recognition under the supervision of Dr. A. R. Jayan and Dr. Rajeev Rajan. I love to share what I learn and hence this blog.

I used to be a teacher in the field of electronics, signal processing and digital communication. I was employed as Assistant Professor at Govt. Engineering college, Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad.

I am involved in various projects on Malayalam language computing. An attempt to analyse Malayalam text phonetically using finite state transducers can be seen here. I have had my hands wet in digital type design and open type engineering of a couple of fonts maintained by Swathanthra Malayalam Computing.

I maintain a project to create lab manuals for various lab courses for Electronics and Communication Engineering. The manuals created so far are published under CC-BY-SA licence. The repository of lab manuals is open for all stakeholders to collaborate and enrich its contents. These are hosted in github.

I try to engage with the world immediate to me in the possible ways to make life better for everyone around. It was a moment of pride that upon a request filed by me to the Chief Minister of Kerala, the Director of Higher Education Kerala issued a circular clarifying that there exists no regulations to insist the female teaching faculties to adhere to the dress code of saree.

In this blog I write about myself, my projects and whatever I feels like sharing with you.