A quantitative analysis of the morphological complexity of Malayalam

My work, Quantitative Analysis of the Morphological Complexity of Malayalam Language is accepted for presentation at the 23rd International Conference on Text, Speech and Dialogue to be held from September 8-10, 2020. The conference proceedings is published by Springer and you can read the paper here. I will share the presentation slides and video after the conference. See the associated data and code here. This blog-post is a bit detailed discussion of the following aspects, analysed in the paper: [Read More]

Information, Entropy and Malayalam

It was during my undergraduate course, I was awestruck by the idea that Information is quantifiable. Until then information for me was an abstract term. It still would have been, if not in the realm of information storage, transmission and retreival. As a layman we associate the term information to various contexts - text content of books and newspapers, videos from news rooms, speech from telephonic conversations, audio podcasts etc- all contains information. [Read More]